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Comissions and public art


Stations of the Cross        Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament (Christchurch)

Fly Me to the Moon          Christchurch Polytechnic
Joy of Eternal Spring        Christchurch City Council
Front Row Prop.                Kaitaia Borough Council
Up and Over                     Lincoln University
Lorna                                 Christchurch College of Education
Love Me Tender                Ashburton Borough Council
The Wrestlers                    Christchurch City Council
Maternity                           Upper Hutt City Council
Tranquility                          Timaru City Council
The Hand that Nurtures    Queenstown-Lakes District Council (Wanaka)

Moongazer                        Christchurch City Council
Butterfly                             Auckland Botanic Gardens
Encircling the Baroque     Timaru
To the End of Love            Auckland Botanic Gardens




Selected Reviews


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