Ko Hiwi o te Wera me Kīha na pae mauna

Ko Wairewa me Haurepo na koawa

Ko Ngāti Manunui te hapu

Ko Te Umuroa te marae

Ko Tūhoe te iwi

Ko Asher Raawiri Newbery te rinatoi.


Asher Newbery, raised in Lyttelton, has had a lifelong passion for painting. After finishing High School Newbery moved to Palmerston North to study at Massey University. He attained a Masters of Māori Visual Art through the Te Pūtahi a Toi, Toioho ki Apiti programme. Driven by a love for his Tūhoe culture Newbery has exhibited across the country and can be found in private and public collections.


Drawing inspiration from 19th century Māori painting, Asher believes his practice is a part of a continuum of Māori art and his work, a duty to his culture. After his Father passed in 2017 Newbery returned to the South Island to be close to his family and care for the family home.  He continues to paint from his Lyttelton studio where as he describes, he ‘works to add to a Māori visual vocabulary.’