Exhibition Opening: CECI N’EST PAS 1921 BY DICK FRIZZELL

11 March 2021
Dick Frizzell
Ceci N'est Pas 1921
Join us for the opening on Thursday 11th March, 5:30 - 7:30pm, The Central Art Gallery.
"During the final stages of the book’s production (Me, According to the History of Art), I was lucky enough to visit the Reina Sofia Gallery in Madrid where I saw and photographed a fantastic collection of Juan Gris paintings that I had never seen before. The effect on me of being in a room full of these gorgeous paintings, all in their perfect museum frames, was overwhelming and the idea started to grow then that I could conceivably recreate a similar sensation back home. A bit like being moved by any moment in the ‘real’ world that inspires you to somehow codify it into a portable experience back in your studio/workshop."
-Dick Frizzell, 2020
- If we are in Level 2, RSVP is essential to attend this event.
- We have our QR code and a manual sign in upon arrival.
- As per usual, please stay home if you feel unwell.