Show #23: Under a Night Sky by Bing Dawe

16 May - 16 June 2019

This show calls on and develops a number of previous sculptural and conceptual concerns. Included in the show are three older works from 2010 and one from 2018. The new work links to these.


Under a night sky, small fish from the family galaxiidae alongside tuna (eel), tunariki (baby eel) and bullies can be found. They are set in formal compositions with divining rods, river configurations, star constellations and curves and fragments of the earth. These fish are of the night. The divining rod is a device for finding water. It is the dowser’s tool. They can be cut from the fork of a tree. This is a form both unifying and dividing. Multiplied they can form a tree or the braids of a river, a place for small fish to find refuge, a habitat.


River shapes and tree shapes are cut from the earth - they drop from the night sky. They leave voids, places to be filled - or not.