Lonnie Hutchinson | The Physics room and Eastern Southland Gallery - 'Timely Additions'

Audrey Baldwin, Daegan Wells, Gaby Montejo, Liv Worsnop, Lonnie Hutchinson, Nathan Pohio, Rob Hood, & Zina Swanson.


Exhibition Runs: 28 September – 1 December 2019

The phrase ‘timely additions’ comes from the Christchurch City Council’s Artworks in Public Places Policy (2002), which states “As a guardian of the city's artistic and cultural heritage, the Council has a duty to stimulate timely additions to that heritage and provide for the monitoring and good management of its cultural assets.” What might ‘timely additions’ mean when public spaces are altered so dramatically as they were following the earthquake sequences of 2010-11? 


Timely Additions re-visits two early programmes organised by South Island Art Projects (S.I.A.P), Public Practices (1993) and The Body of the Land (1992), to examine the contemporary role of public art and its impact on place and place-making. S.I.A.P was an organisation formed in 1991 dedicated to activity, dialogue, and debate around the contemporary visual arts in New Zealand, with specific reference to the South Island; in 1996 the entity became The Physics Room Trust.


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September 28, 2019