Michel Tuffery | The Big Idea: '8th Beijing International Art Biennale National Art Museum of China, Beijing'

The 8th Beijing International Art Biennale (BIAB) is themed "A Colourful World and a Shared Future", and will exhibit artworks from 100 countries to over 200,000 visitors. Held at the National Art Museum of China, this Biennale is established as a bridge for cultural exchanges, and for these international interactions to grow innovation in painting and sculpture; as well as expanding the reputation of Beijing as a global centre for culture.


China Artists Association, the official national association of Chinese artists, has accepted the submission from Ai Gallery for the first ever New Zealand Special Exhibition at the Beijing Biennale. Although NZ is one of a hundred participating countries, we have been selected as one of only six Special Exhibitions at the Biennale – a huge honour and very prestigious placement. This salient positioning guarantees the NZ presentation a high visibility and positive validation for the Chinese audience.


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June 20, 2019