Karl Maughan | Waikato Museum: 'Recent Collections Acquisitions' Exhibition

New to Us: Recent Collections Acquisitions

23 May - 28 July 2020


If the museum was a parent, and the collections stored here were children of various ages, then the works purchased in the last couple of years could be likened to toddlers. They haven’t yet had their big day out.


New to Us is the idea of our Director, Cherie Meecham whose intention was to show some new works for you to meet and get to know. The Director shares not only the beauty of the art but expresses gratitude to Trust Waikato whose contribution assists Hamilton City Council in acquiring some of Waikato’s regional cultural wealth. This funding supports growing and updating the city’s permanent collections.


Education programmes are available for this exhibition.


Image: Detail, Salamanca Rd, Karl Maughan b.1964, oil on canvas, 2014, Trust Waikato Art and Taonga Collection


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March 20, 2020