Lonnie Hutchinson, 'Everything Tells A Story', The Big Idea

The days of visiting galleries and exhibitions are temporarily on hold. The lost opportunity to get motivation from walking through new spaces and soaking in different works is a void The Big Idea wants to help fill. 

Our ‘House Visits’ series takes you into the homes and working spaces of people in the creative world, to see what they have collected on their travels, what it means to them and what they’re using as inspiration inside their own four walls.


The Taniwha hanging are by Lonnie Hutchinson that she gifted to my husband on his birthday last year. Inspired by a sensory collection project she was working on with her late father while he was trying to cope with the onset of dementia, Lonnie created a family box including a barrel of monkeys game. From making monkey chains, paper chains and daisy chains as a child to looking at images of taniwha in the North Canterbury caves that finally took the form of taniwha cut-outs hooked together and interlocking to make a chain. I see them as our family bubble being together strengthened during these times. 

“The taniwha has been written about in colonial history as bad and evil spirits, when it’s actually a tohu that signifies that this is wāhi tapu.” – Lonnie Hutchinson


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April 29, 2020