About the House: Home-inspired art from The Dowse Collection (Neil Dawson)

From the safe bubble of her own home, Curator Grace Ryder scours The Dowse Collection for domestic-inspired art. 

The Dowse Art Museum is a home for objects and their histories. When I began researching our collection, with homes, houses and their occupants in mind, a plethora of works popped up as the result of random keywords from the collection server’s slow but wilful motors: home, house, interior, domestic, family, life, roof, day, window.

Out spits Neil Dawsons’ EnclosureEnlargement and Rotation (all 1978), Sonny Broughton’s The House of Dowse (1999), Raewyn Atkinson’s Home Light (2001–2002) and Bronwynne Cornish’s Home Is Where The Heart Is (1982).


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April 14, 2020