Cellular Memory by Elizabeth Thomson

On now at Ashburton Art Gallery

For over 30 years, Wellington-based sculptor/installation artist Elizabeth Thomson has been drawn to areas of scientific knowledge such as botany, micro-biology, oceanography and mathematics. With images and concepts from those fields as her starting point, Thomson’s works take flight. They impart a sense of mystery, beauty and the sheer exhilaration of being alive in a universe which is itself living, sentient and ever-responsive. The works in Cellular Memory attest to a career-long commitment to grappling with both natural history and the human condition, fuelled by poetic imagination as well as by much research, field-work and long hours in the studio.


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Open now at Ashburton Art Gallery

Exhibition available | 15 August – 24 October
Artist talk | 12 September | 2 pm

August 15, 2021