Introducing Chauncey Flay

New artist to The Central

We are happy to announce a new artist to the gallery, Chauncey Flay. Chauncey celebrates the natural object by repurposing found rock, dead corals, stone and metal which he then works with compositionally and makes it shine (literally). Often adding two segments of rock and stone to the sculpture, Flay connects these pieces by using neodymium magnets, polyfiller or even simple concrete. The finished artworks are sublime in their juxtaposition between light and dark, rough and smooth, emptiness and solidity and speak to a world of space and time.


Pictured here is ‘Osterns quarry greywacke bunker 39’ that has been produced from a single piece of greywacke split in half then reconnected. One half polished and the other raw as found in the earth.


We have this stunning piece in the gallery but we look forward to Chauncey exhibiting at The Central from 14th October - 14th November 2021.


Artwork pictured:
Chauncey Flay

Osterns quarry greywacke bunker 39, 2021
Greywacke, neodymium magnets
390 x 345 x 300mm

September 5, 2021