New Bing Dawe Sculpture in Lincoln

A new artwork has been installed in Lincoln’s town centre.

The Lincoln Community Committee has installed the artwork in Meyenburg Square to complement the Lincoln Town Centre Plan.

The square is encompassed by the Lincoln Library and Service Centre, the Laboratory and home to the weekly Lincoln Farmers and Craft Market.

Kathryn Claridge and Ralph Scott of the Lincoln Community Committee visited Peter Joyce and Annabelle Menzies-Joyce at their Tai Tapu Sculpture Garden home to get ideas.

This led to the committee commissioning sculptor Bing Dawe to design the Piwakawaka-Fantail over the Liffey, specifically for Lincoln.

Committee secretary Pauline Hayes said the sculpture cost $20,000 and $7500 was granted from the Springs and Ellesmere Discretionary Funds Committee.  She said the committee contributed $10,000 to the project while $2500 was donated by the defunct Lincoln Business Association. Mr Dawe said the sculpture continues a long series of works which come under the collective title, A Landscape with Too Many Holes.

“In these works I have shown a balance between the birds rendered in the positive and the voids or holes representing the negative. As we celebrate and appreciate what we have we must remind ourselves and be ever vigilant of what we have lost,” he said.

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August 19, 2018