Fiona Van Oyen| Millennium Public Art Gallery: 'Landscape Art Show', Blenheim 2018

"Landscape art". We all might think we know what it is. Or do we? Do we even really care? Should we care?

You know, 'landscape art' – it's something pretty, a painting showing a vista of some sprawling, awe-inspiring natural scene. Or just something that goes well with the carpet when hung in the living room.


And yet for some of us, landscape art represents form and beauty, while for others it's just downright cheesy.

Five artists exhibiting at the Millennium Public Art Gallery in Blenheim have helped spin those aesthetic prejudices on their head. 


Whatever you might think of landscape art, the new exhibit called New Perspectives on Landscape has something fresh to offer.


The show highlights work by artists: Robyn Bardas, Miranda Joseph, Hannah Joynt, Sue Pearce and Fiona Van Oyen, who all hail from different regions in New Zealand.


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May 24, 2019