Neil Dawson | Prominent Sculptor Reflects on More Than 30 Years of Public Art

Noted New Zealand sculptor Neil Dawson has been a force in contemporary sculpture for over 30 years. Most well-known for his large-scale public sculptures, Dawson often plays with illusion in his whimsical pieces. By focusing on the use of lines and positive and negative space, his sculptures have made an indelible mark internationally.


Whether suspending light and airy globes above public squares or using a single line to create a dramatic silhouette, Dawson’s site-specific works are closely tied to their surrounding environment. “His sculptures flout convention in their lightness of feel, their transparency and their escape from the conventions of earthbound pedestal-based display,” writes Dr. Michael Dunn, Professor Emeritus at the University of Auckland, in his book New Zealand Sculpture: A History.


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May 27, 2019