Bing Dawe | Auckland Botanic Gardens East Sculpture Path

If you're looking for a free, fun whānau activity, then check out this sculpture trail in the Auckland Botanic Gardens. Be inspired by art and different garden settings, including the Potter Children's Garden – a special garden full of secrets and surprises that kids will love. Start at the Huakaiwaka Visitor Centre and pick up a map. With a welcoming entrance and sweeping panoramic views, Huakaiwaka is the gateway to the gardens.


The East Sculpture Path isn't signposted, so use a map to find your way around. You can download the free STQRY app on your smart phone to follow the sculpture trail. Entry to the Auckland Botanic Gardens is free.


Bikes, scooters, skates and skateboards are not permitted within the gardens.

Dogs are allowed, providing they are under control and on a leash.


Bing Dawe, Tuna (2013)

The long and slender Anguilla dieffenbachii is New Zealand's only endemic freshwater eel and as a species gradually declining in numbers, is under threat of being lost forever. Christchurch artist Bing Dawe has explored aspects of longfin eel (or tuna, as it is known to Māori) for many years.


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August 11, 2019