Michael Hight | Otago Daily Times, Art Seen July 2019

''The Arrow'' exhibition at Milford Galleries Queenstown is an opportunity to see works from major names in New Zealand's art history.


Some pieces have newly arrived from various studios; others, such as Jeffrey Harris' White Painting of 1988, showcase the development of a style over decades. Harris' Head with Earrings alone represents 16 years of work and changing vision for the artist.


Although the sculptural works shine in this show, the paintings are exceptional. Garry Currin's remarkable Late Fragment perfectly captures the different facets and effects of light, as it glows in the sky, shimmers in water and glides across the land, altering the appearance of the terrain.


Even a photograph would struggle to convey imagery that so powerfully awakens the senses and tugs at individual memory of similar scenes. Michael Hight continues to impress with his incredible attention to detail; literally every branch and blade of grass in his river landscapes is a brushstroke of care and deliberation.


The clean, geometric lines of John Parker's glazed ceramic vessels are an effective contrast with Katherine Smyth's whimsical, fun, fruit-inspired earthenware, and once you step in front of Israel Birch's work, be prepared to stand there for a while - the layers of lacquer and stainless steel create patterns that move with the light and appear to extend endlessly beyond the surface plane, to almost hypnotic effect.


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July 11, 2019