Avant-Garde Fatigue by Pete Wheeler

31 January - 1 March 2020

Pete Wheeler brings us his first project, back from a decade in Berlin -'Avant Garde Fatigue'.


Wheeler is playfully exploring the idea of inspiration, that moment of creative spark behind every work, every new series. His suggestion is that despite the drive for something new which was the primary motivation behind the avant-garde, the generation of work always mixes the high and the low brow, the rarefied, the already existing and the everyday. Or in this case, it is the innovation of Marcel Duchamp’s presenting found objects as art, along with Homer Simpson’s classic “Ta Da” eureka moment.


So, Wheeler paints Duchamp’s profile and his Bicycle Wheel along with Homer and Bart. He conjures wheels for Wheels, as Pete is known to his friends. One goes up in flames. Things get gothic. But is Wheeler fatigued – seemingly never.