Celebrating 5 years

9 April - 15 May 2022

Celebrating 5 Years
9th April - 15th May 2022

Celebrating 5 Years in our community, in Õtautahi, Christchurch. Celebrating with a group show of artists very important to us: Emma Camden; Kirstin Carlin; Bing Dawe; Neil Dawson; Zara Dolan; Simon Edwards; Dick Frizzell; Veronica Herber; Lonnie Hutchinson; Hannah Kidd; Karl Maughan; Mark Mitchell; David Murray; Asher Newbery; Fiona van Oyen; Stanley Palmer; Reuben Paterson; Elizabeth Thomson; Michel Tuffery.

There will be feathers, dazzling glass, and landscapes ranging from the truly panoramic to florals delectably postcard in size. Whilst Hannah Kidd simply and happily lets sleeping dogs lie.