Mark Mitchell

Mark Mitchell is a full-time ceramicist who is based in Northland. The carefully considered surfaces of his works exhibit a delightful interplay between the bold geometric patterning of the external and the contrasting delicately fine tracery of the interior craquelure. His exploration of the subtlety between patterned surfaces and form allows him to create optical illusions where the pattern at times appears to jut out and extend beyond the real-life curvature of the ceramic form.

Mark Mitchell’s initial foray into ceramics began in 1996 where he worked in commercial pottery and later as a self-employed slip-caster. He studied fine arts at the Quay School of the Arts in Whanganui completing his degree at the Otago Polytechnic School of Art in 2001. He was subsequently employed as a pottery tutor at the Hungry Creek Art and Craft School in Auckland and during this time was able to refine and develop various techniques. In 2007 he was selected to represent New Zealand as an emerging artist at the Fule International Ceramic Museums in China, and in 2009 was the recipient of a 3-month residency in Shigaraki Cultural Ceramic Park in Japan. In 2019 he was the Premier Award winner of the Portage Ceramic Awards.