Emily Hartley-Skudder

Emily Hartley-Skudder’s work is both seductive and humorous. Her work is typified by the use of miniatures and still life as her core subject matter. She works in a multi-disciplinary practice whereby she constructs and curates physical arrangements with found objects. These scenes often domestic in nature are then translated into photography, where with the artist’s careful observation and use of the tilt shift technique these curious worlds become amplified into a new bright “reality”.

Painting is a step further into process, in which the clever and carefully rendered representations give us space for escapism, but also in a playful manner ask us to question the authentic and the “real”.


Emily graduated from Ilam School of Fine Arts in 2012, and has exhibited widely since in New Zealand including shows for the Christchurch Art Gallery, Whakatane Museum, Suite Gallery and the Auckland Art Fair, and overseas in selected shows in New York and Australia.